YouTuber's Crazy Idea: Build a robotic exoskeleton to do a snake walk.  And it works (but under human control) - video

snake walking. In a recently uploaded video, YouTuber and engineer Allen Pan He said he “felt bad about snakes” because because of the evolution of the species, They have lost their pawsA topic that has actually been the subject of debate for many years in the scientific community. And the young engineer, in order to “correct” the evolution of the species, decided to design and 3D print a Robotic exoskeleton to allow snakes to return to ‘walking’. Building the facility was not easy. As we saw in the video posted on YoutubeThe first attempts to create the structure failed. To test the different prototypes, Ban initially used some plush toys and observed the movements and walking of the lizards. Only later, during the implementation of the project, use a real snake. The final exoskeleton consists of a Clear plastic hollow tube, to allow reptiles to freely enter and exit the device independently. They are attached to the supporting structure 4 legs robotTwo in the front and two in the back, Connected to two machines-So you can remotely control your walking speed from a computer.

As can be seen from the video, the serpent’s “march” is in fact led by the gods servo control with an encoded sequence. basically Allen Pan himself manages the movement of the exoskeleton with a snake inside. At the end of the video, the YouTube user enters Suspension The structure, and the snake slides from one end of the tube, in complete independence. But among the comments on the video there are those who are looking forward to the next step: How do you allow the snake to independently control the direction of its march? Some users assume the use of cameras to detect the direction of the animal’s gaze, thus correlating the “walk” of the robotic snake with the direction of its gaze, so that it can decide to move independently, like a lizard. However, for now, this remains an extravagant and fascinating (or terrifying, depending on the point of view) hypothesis, which can also be used for other living species.

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