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A woman from Gauteng province, South Africa, has given birth to 10 children, beating the previous record set Halima Sis, who gave birth to nine twins in Morocco last month الشهر. South African media reported this. Josemi Thamara SitholeThe 37-year-old gave birth to her twins – more than doctors previously expected based on ultrasounds – at a Pretoria hospital last night, her husband told local media. Tiboho Tsutitsi.

The woman had, by caesarean section, seven males and three females After a pregnancy of seven months and seven days. She told the media that her normal pregnancy was not due to a fertility treatment. It’s not Sithole’s first twin birth: the mother already has six-year-old twins. The husband, when he learned of the multiple pregnancy, was surprised, but happy: a blessing, he said Pretoria news The man who is not currently working.

In a pre-delivery interview, released in May, when the woman was convinced she was expecting seven twins — before a subsequent ultrasound revealed eight — Sithole said she was shocked and happy with the pregnancy. The pregnancy was difficult, especially in the beginning – he said – now I pray that God will help me give birth to all my children healthy and well. I’ll be happy with that.

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