Goodbye Prime Now: Amazon closes its online store with a two-hour delivery

After seven years of service, Amazon Prime is closing for good.

The company has released a message The report was posted on your blog Corporate. Amazon customers can continue ordering within two hours from their main application and website. Prime Now services have already been converted to key usage in some countries like India, Japan and Singapore.

In other countries Amazon Prime Now directs users to its main application and website through a pop-up window. Both the Prime Now app and its website are expected to be discontinued later this year. In Spain, users can continue to buy fresh food with a one-day delivery with Amazon Fresh.

Prime Now was launched in 2014 and its role is to deliver essential items to Prime members within two hours. Initially, the service was only available in a limited number of cities, but it has now reached more than 5,000 cities worldwide.

Prime Now is not the only service that has been shut down in recent months. In January of this year, Amazon announced that it would discontinue its Amazon pantry service and make those items (for home and groceries) available.
Through the Amazon website.

The company continues to grow in the grocery segment, which helped it buy whole foods in 2019 and also helped Amazon deploy its own stores under the new brand.

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