Seoul and North Korea send soldiers along the demilitarized zone – breaking news

North Korea has sent soldiers and equipment along the demilitarized zone, in an apparent move aimed at restoring guard posts destroyed following the 2018 inter-Korean military agreement. The South Korean military, according to Yonhap, has reported an increase in activity across the zone. border areas after North Korea promised last Thursday to resume all military measures frozen in 2018 in response to Seoul’s partial suspension of the deal after North Korea launched a military spy satellite.

Five years ago, the two Koreas blew up 10 out of 11 guard posts in the DMZ to reduce tensions and prevent accidental clashes, leaving only one operational point on each side of historical or other value. “There are only a few guard posts currently undergoing renovation work, but (North Korea) should return them all because they are essential surveillance facilities,” Yonhap quoted a senior military officer as telling reporters.

In response to North Korea’s latest move, officials in Seoul pledged to monitor activities above the 38th parallel for any signs of provocations along the border.

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