Mohamed Salah qualifies Egypt for extremist quarterfinals

This is a classic. The poster that comes back like a beautiful chorus that will never be forgotten. With ten clashes on the clock, the C டிte d’Ivoire-Egypt is one of the most proposed battles in African Cup of Nations (CAN) history. Significant advantage for the Baros with seven wins, two draws and only one defeat. Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 5 p.m., on this last day of the 16th round, on the lawn of Jaboma Ground in Douala, from the banks of the Nile, hoping for a second victory over their opponent.

The Elephants are on the upswing in this match, having been thrilled by the previous round, with a win (3-1) against defending champions Algeria. The exam finally begins to feel as good as being relieved of the stress of suffocation. “I have already told you that this team has a soul, immense energy.”, Coach Patrice Beaumelle underlined. To “Go as far as you can” In this CAN, the French relied on staff scattered throughout the most valuable European clubs. The only international sport at the Ivorian Championship (Abdoul Cissé at Asec Mimosas).

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Elephants can count on their captain, Serge Arier (Villarreal), an unstoppable defender, to be naturally pushed towards attack; Their rotating striker Nicolas Pepe (Arsenal), who turned the defense of the Algerian Phoenix into Dervish; And their goalscorers are Sebastien Holler (Ajax Amsterdam), Frank Kessie (AC Milan) or Max-Alain Gradel (Shivaspor) who have scored from the start of the match.

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Sturdy, tight, but geeky 16 round

The opposite was true among the Egyptians. Of the 28 players lined up on the match sheet, most of them play in their home country, mainly Jamalek and Al Ahly, two clubs based in Cairo. Five players, including Mohamed Salah, were the exception. At the stadium, the Liverpool striker is hailed by fellow citizens and Cameroonians at the stand. The latter immediately sided with Egypt: they did not like it “Ivory Brothers”, Make fun of them on social media, as they say, on Monday, January 24th, at their eighth, ten o’clock, after a brief victory over the unruly lions over the Comorians who played without a goalkeeper.

From the start of the CAN, the Egyptians were unattractive and weak: two short wins against Nigeria (0-1), and two short wins against Guinea-Bissau (0-1) and Sudan (1-0). Really scary. Salah, the star striker of the Egyptian football icon Liverpool, is not as rhythmic, talented and dazzling as his club partner Sadio Mane (Senegal). Only one goal in three games.

With 16 people on the lawn of Jaboma Stadium with 50 shades of green, this round was firm, tight, but not too exciting. We anticipated technological warfare, speed, elegance and madness. The Egyptians, who dominated the first twenty minutes of the match, gradually imposed their tempo. During the first half they had more scratches (target, cross shots). Elephants are in place. The orange wall was raised towards the Pharaohs, and nothing happened. Both teams are cautious: we will not expose ourselves too much to avoid counter-attack; Do not rush – do not say in vain – and return the ball to the enemy.

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The challenge, however, is to qualify for the quarterfinals, pushing the teams back and forth: 21 shots for Egypt (5 goals), 13 for C டிte d’Ivoire (8 goals). As is often the case at Jaboma Stadium, the players felt tired throughout the game in the humid heat of Daula (about 30 degrees and 78% humidity).

Good flow in the match

As soon as Mohammed Salah touches the skin, the audience trembles at the sound of vuvuzela and darbuqa. But the captain, sometimes selfish, and not so generous with his teammates, could do nothing again against Bhadra Sankare, the Ivory goalkeeper. Egyptian Porter, distinguished himself; But shortly before the regulation ended, Mohamed El-Shenawy, who had saved two-stroke in front of Wilfried Zaha, was ruled out with an injury.

Struggling to take the match, each exam tries to push without success in avoiding extra time. Just before 120, at the final enjoymente Minute, the golden opportunity to fold the Egypt meeting; But Sankara again called off the strike. During the whistle, 14,046 spectators (of the 50,000 seats available) voiced their enthusiasm to attend the second session of the 16-round penalty shootout.

The atmosphere is electric. C டிte d’Ivoire definitely plays on hostile ground. Finally there is an interest in competition. As Ivorian Nicolas Pépé approaches the penalty spot, he screams like an enemy of the Cameroonian homeland. Hit by the opposite foot. He points to the gate and asks the public to be quiet. Then, this is the third Ivorian sniper system. Eric Bailey. His strike – incomprehensible – was diverted by an alternate goalkeeper. Egyptians, they will not miss the law. Mohamed Salah (January 30 against Morocco) was the last sniper to deceive Sankare and send the Pharaohs to the quarterfinals. At this point, the cries of the public are so intense that they almost make the stands tremble.

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The elephants, who were not very active this evening, are eliminated without any of the elephants who ran so well in this competition. They were also eliminated from qualifying for the next World Cup in Qatar, where they will have time to refine their game for the next CAN next year ட் Cote d’Ivoire. That would make them 25e Participation in the African Cup of Nations. If Egypt goes there, the country will play its 26the Competition. Always ahead.

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