Mass Effect 3

With the purpose Mass effect 3 In the legendary version of the SciFi series that also works without multiplayer, the team has revised some aspects of the gameplay. However, the multiplayer component is not off the table. Like a project manager explained, She can Presented at a later date has become.

When will multiplayer return to Mass Effect?

Your ability to bring yourself back into cooperative fights with other players depends entirely on how well the Legend Edition has been received by your fans. Two points will determine whether the remastered copy also receives status:

  • Feedback from fans: The most important thing is the number of players who want to play this mode at all. Only if enough fans express a desire for it, the studio will continue to consider whether the additional development effort is worth the effort.
  • Adequate resources with developers: After that, it is also important that the team has sufficient resources to handle the task. Because if you re-integrate the multiplayer component, it must also meet certain quality standards. Whether you can achieve this depends on the amount of time and personnel that you can devote to developing.

Why isn’t there multiplayer at all?

When considering the multiplayer mode, the studio was cautious Many problems. starting from Cross, reach to Grab the remaining players From the old “Mass Effect 3” status. A solution to all of this has to be found.

Solving all of that was more of a challenge to the team than realizing a fully modified version of “Mass Effect 1” itself. Therefore, the decision was made to focus on the single player experience and exclude multiplayer for the time being.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: All variations from the original trilogy

Is the Legendary Edition worth it?

You’ll find out how well the editor does from the entire “Mass Effect” trilogy even without the collaborative mode In our test. In this we explain to you in detail whether the Legend Edition is a really good remastered version or just a new Sausage.

We don’t just look at them for that Draw for triple play But also see what happens Play He did everything and what Innovations You can still expect it in the odd parts of the series.

Mass effectMass Effect Legendary Edition in the test – a powerful remaster or a cheap new sausage?


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