Lampart apologizes to Vieira after a fight with a fan

At the end of Thursday evening’s match Everton got into an argument with a supporter, Crystal Palace coach Patrick Vieira Dofis won the boss’ support, but also received several advisers.

A little comfort among colleagues. Frank Lampard has come out in support of the Frenchman as images circulating on social media of Patrick Vieira wiping out an Everton supporter after Toffees’ victory over Crystal Palace (3-2) on Thursday evening.

“I’m sorry for Patrick”

“I’m sorry for Patrick, I did not see him [pour lui serrer la main] Eventually, due to the reaction, the Everton coach explains, he immediately celebrated the maintenance with all his players. Of course, he runs 80 meters across the pitch and comes face to face with many fans, so it will not be easy. But as far as I know there is no problem. Continuing in the league is the complete delight of our fans.

For his part, Patrick Vieira said during his post-match conference that “nothing was said about it.” Contacted by Sky Sport, the two clubs and the English Federation did not want to comment on the gesture, which should be reviewed by the league. The Crystal Palace manager has the support of many English advisers who consider the fan only responsible.

“Someone will be stabbed next”

At Sky Sports, former England striker Diane Dublin slandered the behavior of the fans, pointing out that he did not criticize Vieira for his reaction: “We know how happy Everton fans are, but you can not do that. You can not push managers and players and touch players in the face. Can not.”

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Dean Sanders, a Doxport consultant, protested that such incidents involving supporters were becoming more and more serious and feared worse: “Someone will one day be stabbed. It’s something bad, something very bad.” “Patrick Vieira is going to get in trouble for what he did, he continues. I’m not looking for excuses for him, he’s led his team to 2-0, lost 3-2, and then walks away. Pitch, he’s screaming in someone’s face. , He reacts. He’s going crazy because he’s crazy on the inside. “

“Are we going to handcuff them to their seats?”

“If I were a player, I would not feel safe. Other events like this have taken place on the basis of lower English divisions in the same evening. You should feel safe when you run on the football field,” he concludes.

Frank Lampard sees no problem in invading the field, other than the behavior of some: “If it goes right, I’m glad the supporters take advantage of it from the ground. As long as they behave well, we will handcuff them while they are there, no problem. “


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