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This friday Taylor Swift It overcame the challenge of re-recording and reposting “brave”, An album released in 2008, to restore the intellectual property of her music after the end of the rights of her first works in the hands of an investment fund outside the artist.

the new Fearless (Taylor version) It looks exactly like the original, albeit in Swift’s more mature voice, and includes six songs composed during those years that were ultimately not released, bringing the list to nearly two hours.

The release represents a victory for Swift in her battle to regain the rights to her songs, which is why she started recording her first six albums from scratch.

The 31-year-old said, “This process was much more satisfying and emotional than I had imagined and gave me more determination to re-record all my music”

This resulted in his fans organizing a campaign to boycott the old “Fearless” songs on Spotify. Because the rights no longer belong to the artist.

The Twitterswifferupdates account shared a thread explaining how to make such tracks disappear forever from the fan-streaming platform recommendations.

The tutorial shows that although it is very simple, it takes some time because it involves clicking “Hide the song” Individually on each track of several different versions of the Big Machine, the tag that owns the old Fearless rights.

As a logo diverse, The step-by-step includes “Hide the Song” for each track from “Fearless (Platinum Edition)”, “Fearless (Global Edition)”, “Fearless (Big Machine Radio Special Edition)” and the single track “Today Was a Fairytale” (not shown Clip from the soundtrack on “Fearless”), “Live From Clear Channel Stripped 2008” (Big Machine Edition uploaded to broadcast services after I left the label), “Love Story (Digital Dog Remix)” and “Love Story (Pop Mix)” ) “And finally” You Not Sorry (CSI Remix) “.

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The origin of the disagreement between Taylor Swift and the Big Machine brand

The story of why Swift, the only woman to win three Grammy Awards for Album of the Year, lost control of her compositions, one of the most complex chapters in the music industry.

The artist’s first work was released in 2006 under the designation Nashville. Big machine, He was in control of most of the rights to his songs, as was customary at the start of his career.

In the following years, Swift released more records with this small brand until 2019 signed a more beneficial contract Universal MusicWhich gave him the right to publish in the future.

But in conjunction with this change, actor Scooter Braun has earned the old Big Machine label and all of the recordings of the artist’s first six albums, many of which are platinum records.

The $ 300 million purchase was made with the participation of the Carlyle Group investment fund and was subsequently transferred to Shamrock Capital Investment Company, Without any association with the singer-songwriter.

Swift sharply criticized the move, saying that she had stripped her of her job throughout her life and blamed Braun, who represents other pop stars like Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande, for being manipulative and wanting to break up her work.

However, she developed a strategy: Being a songwriter, Swift did not control the recordings but rather the lyrics, So he can return to the studio and completely repeat his previous work.

That way, every time a song for him is used on TV or played on a “broadcast” platform, the benefits will not go to the investment fund that controls the previous catalog.

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