Leclerc : "Il va vraiment falloir qu

By declaring back to the mode “more compatible” Before the French Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc You probably didn’t expect to take such a slap. It seems far from the poles of Monaco and Baku Ferrari, who entered the qualifying streak yesterday, but actually sank on Sunday in the race at Circuit Paul Ricard.

Maranello’s men were hoping to reclaim valuable points, and instead, both finished outside 10th. With tires worn out very quickly at the start of each mission, Monaco could do nothing and each time lose in the face of many defenseless opponents.

“It’s the hardest race I’ve ever done, I think, in Formula 1”, the Canal + microphone is scarred. “It was very difficult. We deteriorated a lot, even if we tried to monitor the tires in the first laps, we deteriorated a lot right away.”

“The speed is there for the first couple of laps with these tires, then everyone keeps going at that pace and our two cars start to drop.” Added on F1 TV. “We really need to understand this problem.”

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With nothing to lose at the end of the race, Ferrari chose to switch Leclerc to a two-stop strategy, to no avail. Under the flag banner, complete this challenging test in the unknown 16th place.

“In the end, we stopped again to see if we could understand more”, he explains. “In all cases, we lost versus lost, we tried to put in a second [train] Medium to do something different, to see if we can find something. But it gave exactly the same result, even if I changed my way of driving, some settings on the steering wheel, it didn’t change anything. We’re really going to have to work because, whether it’s Carlos [Sainz] Or me, we got into a lot of trouble today.”

When it comes time to leave the south of France, Charles Leclerc insists first and foremost that he feels incomprehensible. So he is not risking going ahead with any potential recovery from next week, in Austria, where Formula 1 will remain for two races in a row. “I honestly don’t know at the moment.”hesitated. “We didn’t expect that in the race so we really have to understand.”

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