Sunny Beach’s guide to the best nightclubs, discos, beach clubs, lounges, cocktail bars where you can have an aperitif and aperitif and where to spend a fun-filled evening.

What to do in Sunny Beach in the evening: the best nightlife and nightlife spots

Renamed “Ibiza of the East”, sunny beach It offers 360-degree fun, in short, there is something for everyone and for all tastes.

there The nightlife of Sunny Beach It is incredibly lively, sparkling and well-organised, it is especially cheap and along the so-called “8 kilometers of strip” there are countless beach barAnd the clubAnd the street bar And the discos.

Having said that, let’s see what some of the gods are Best clubs in Sunny Beach.

sunny beach aperitif

Beach Bedroom – Sunny Beach

The Beach Bar Bedroom He is undoubtedly one of the spearheads The nightlife of Sunny Beach Which is hard to describe.

there your location It is really unbelievable, it is very active even during the day as there is a swimming pool in the middle of the dance floor, frequented by a specific audience and organizing Evenings And the Events of all kinds.

Sunny Beach Beach Bedroom It is located in the Cocoa Beach complex (Nessebar).

Sunny bedroom on the beach

Cabana Beach – Sunny Beach

The Cabana Beach It is one of the trendiest clubs in Sunny Beach and is the perfect destination to spend an entire day enjoying music, relaxation, sunset happy hour and of course fun.

there your location It presents itself with very nice and refined furniture, and organizes aperitifs and evenings with live music And the DJ group Really amazing nights.

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Cabana Beach Sunny Beach It is located in Slantchev Prague.

sunny beach cabana beach

Playa Beach Club – Sunny Beach

The Playa Beach Club It is located in the middle of the so called “Sunny Beach Strip” so it is impossible not to notice it and it is the perfect place for those who want to experience moments of total relaxation surrounded by beautiful girls sipping beer or cocktails or maybe sunbathing.

there your location Served in quintessential Hawaiian style, it is also possible to sit on hammocks or bags with beans, it is also a hookah bar, mostly offers reggae music and organizes Aperitif at sunset with live music; In short, it can be considered the perfect place to spend a respectable past evening.

Playa Beach Club Sunny Beach It is located in Slantchev Prague.

Sunny Beach Club Playa Beach

La Cubanita Beach Bar – Sunny Beach

La Cubanita Beach Bar It is one of the hottest, famous and lively places in Cocoa Beach and this is also perfect from morning to after dinner.

there your location She is really very beautiful and modern, between artists and dancers cheerful He’s always a believer, he’s regulating Happy hour at sunset with DJ set And in the evening it turns into a real disco.

La Cubanita Beach Bar Sunny Beach It is located on Cocoa Beach (Nessebar).

Sunny Beach La Cubanita

The first club – Sunny Beach

The first club He is undoubtedly the spearhead in The nightlife of Sunny Beach He is the worthy heir to the Cacao Beach Club that has spent more than 20 years of honorable service entertaining generations around the world.

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there your location It’s nothing short of amazing, it’s so coveted and crowded that it’s almost impossible to get in (we recommend booking well in advance), the sound and lighting systems are state-of-the-art and they organize exclusive events where the best DJs in the world go through.

The 1 Club Sunny Beach It is located in Cocoa Beach (Nessebar).

Sunny Beach - 1

Another unmissable disco, very lively especially in terms of animation is candy club Which is located in the heart of Flower Street.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a stylish and trendy place to spend trendy and glamorous evenings, don’t miss the opportunity Cocoon Lounge Bar & Sushi It is located in the Flower Street Hotel 1 Kuban, the main alley.

sunny beach cocoon

Sunny Beach Clubs: photos and pictures


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