More people were found dead under the rubble of the collapsed building in Miami Beach: in total 9 dead and 156 missing

On Saturday at a press conference, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniela Levine Cava, He said That the body of another person who died as a result has been recovered Partial collapse of the building of 12 stories high on Thursday in Surfside, near Miami Beach, Florida, in addition to the four that have already been found. Always Levin Cava on Sunday morning confirm it A total of nine confirmed deaths, of which four have been identified, while the number of missing has been revised from 159 to 156.

The causes of the collapse are unknown at the moment, but some engineers and experts have done it some hypotheses Primarily related to the level of wear and tear of the building due to ocean salt which can penetrate structures and begin to rust steel components. Saturday The New York Times Release some data from Evaluation made in 2018 on the condition of the building, where “significant structural damage” was noted to the concrete slab under the pool outside the building, and “abundant” cracks and collapse in the columns, beams and walls of the underground parking lot.

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