GB, the Russians may have reached the center of Bakhmut – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, April 07 – In recent days, the Russian forces have regained momentum in the Battle of Bakhmut: “Most likely” they are now in the center of the city and have occupied the western bank of the Bakhmutka River. Written by the British Ministry of Defense in its daily intelligence update.

The report, posted on Twitter since the end of last month, states that the Russian advance towards the besieged city in eastern Ukraine has “largely halted”. However, as the last few days progressed, the Ukrainian forces’ main supply route – 0506, west of the city – “may be seriously threatened”.

According to London experts, it is possible that the Russian regular forces – including the Airborne Forces – have strengthened the area, and Russia is again using artillery more effectively in this sector.

Against this background, the Ministry believes that it is likely that at the local level, the upper echelons of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Wagner Group ended their dispute and improved their cooperation. (handle).

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