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Jade, Bill, Laurent, Claude and Ugo before the orientation test of “Co-Landa: The Legend”

KOH-LANTA – A season like no other. Anniversary edition of Go Landa This year 20 former leading candidates were brought to the show in French Polynesia, including Claude, Laurent or Ugo. But this year many adventurers seem to have broken one of the basic rules Go Landa: Lack of food. The final, which aired on TF1 from 9:05 pm on Tuesday, December 14, will be unlike any other.

Throughout the start of the season, adventurers Go Landa An exciting battle that took place in trials. Six of them broke a record in the “lazy” test. In camps and tactics, candidates did not leave: the season was full of twists and turns. Similar to the women’s strategy, it was started by Kumba, but failed when mixed teams were formed. But raising the suspense of the final on Tuesday, December 14 this year is not the candidates’ tactics.

The definitive removal of Dehiura

In fact, the adventure took another turn in the 11th episode, when viewers discovered the disqualification of the show’s cult candidate, Dehiura. During the six-minute series airing at the end of the show, fans learned that the latter had repeatedly asked locals for help eating, which is prohibited by regulations.

But according to the information available Parisian, Has not only benefited from the help of Polynesian locals. Claude and Sam may have benefited from the products, but both friends were not worried.

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In fact, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, producer Go Landa, In the TPMP’s set, allowed the names of the other protagonists to be “not the organizers and sharecroppers” because they were not sure. For good reason, Dehiura said Parisian Can’t say who shared these dishes with him: “Throwing names is not for me. I’m not in their place. It is his choice to see what is good for them or not.

“I ate twice. The test was very strong,” Denise Brocknyard acknowledged in front of the Polynesian. “I’m not even looking for excuses. (…) I failed at a rule I accepted. That’s why it weighs me down for the rest of my life. ” So the adventurer left the exiled island and went straight to the final arbitrator’s house. He will vote for the winner of this season.

Secret dinners

The fraud affair could have ended there. But on Monday, December 6, Parisian New revelations: Even four or five candidates would have been cheated and fed up with the cameras this season.

Fraud may have occurred during the “night trips”, while the adventurers were staying on the island of Taha, the evening of counseling. The deceivers reportedly escaped from police custody and went to dinner with locals. Daily reveals that they ate “sugar, salt” and drank a lot of “energy drinks” in that place.

The production of the show said that they are aware of this new twist. In order to gather the necessary information about this matter, an investigation is underway between the cast of the show and the local people. In a press release on Wednesday, December 8, Adventure Line Production (ALP) pointed out, however, that all adventurers questioned the “denial of charges”.

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Compromising photo

Suspicions of treason continued throughout the year Go Landa week end. TV Magazine Le Picaro It was revealed this Saturday, December 11th that adventurers suspected of having participated in these “secret restaurants” would have taken their picture. According to the site, this shot was taken with full knowledge of the facts. Even one of the candidates would have asked to remember it. But that photo seems to have landed on the table of the ALP, so it will know the identity of the candidates who violated the rules of the game.

Claude and Laurent are suspected of attending these banned parties, but deny the fraud. “I will not respond to this revenge against me,” Claude declared, not only the winner of the adventure, but also the record holder in the number of personal victories. General. Laurent promised him in an interview TV Magazine He had lost 10 kg during the show. “It makes me laugh when I see these rumors that I cheated by eating out of the game because I lost so much weight that I felt better,” he underlined.

Kumba defended himself by saying that he did not participate in these dishes in Cyril Hanouna’s collection: “I did not eat! (…) I’re the first one out of reunion, how do you want me to eat? ”.

An ALP employee was contacted Parisian Ugo, on the other hand, who had been eliminated from the game in the first place, returned from the island to be eliminated twice and the third finalist promised that he would be the only one who would never take part in these scams as “no one proposed to him”.

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The product did not want to comment on this latest renaissance, but made it clear that the perpetrators would be punished. With Claude, Laurent and Ugo set to play in the final on Tuesday, December 14, the question arises as to whether the 100,000 euros promised to one of them will be snatched away. After all, this is what production is all about Go Landa, Preferred to opt for the recorded final instead of the traditional live final count.

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