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Catholic churches burn in first nations lands أراضي in Canada. After a few days of discovering others hundreds of graves Near a notorious Aboriginal residential school, which was run by the Catholic Church until 1969, there are actually four buildings of worship awarded to The fires within the indigenous lands المجتمعات in the province of British Columbia. On Saturday morning, the fire destroyed St. Anne’s Church and Chewbacca Church (Lower Similkamen Indian Band). On Monday, coinciding with National Aboriginal Day, two more were burned, in Penticton and Oliver (South Okanagan).

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A spokesperson for Red Jacket, the famous Royal Police conducting the investigation, said there were no injuries and, at the moment, no arrests had been made, but The connection to the recent shocking discoveries in two former Catholic colleges seems clear. Last Thursday, the bodies of 751 bodies, mostly children, were found near the Marival Indian residential school, the latest part of a scandal that has shocked Canada and has become increasingly difficult for Pope Francis, who in early June expressed his grief over what happened. Event.

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The former Marieval School, in eastern Saskatchewan, was active for 98 years, until it closed in 1997. Excavations began in May, at the initiative of the Cowessess community, soon after. Remains of 215 children discovered Close to what was formerly Kamloops Indian Residential School, the largest in the network of colleges established by the Canadian government in 1863 and run until 1969 by churches (Catholic and Evangelical), where children and teens from remote indigenous communities live. More than 150,000 young peopleAnd the perlopi lnuit oh MetzAnd sometimes up to two or three years, they were forcibly taken from their homes, separated from their families, and thousands of miles away. Most have not seen their parents for years, and many have never returned.

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In an interview with the Pope, he said that the Pope’s official apology will help the survivors begin the journey of reconciliation Courier service The executive director of the National Center for Truth and Reconciliation, Stephanie Scott, said the dead could be more than 6,000. The children succumbed to tuberculosis or other diseases due to the poor sanitary conditions in which they were forced to live. In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was established in Canada seven years ago, after hearing thousands of testimonies equates the boarding schools’ assimilation policy to cultural genocide. 50% of complaints relate to serious forms of physical and sexual abuse. Repeated rapes, which in most cases led to psychological destruction of the victim, and then had a very long-term effect: inability to establish personal relationships, psychosis, alcoholism, unemployment, inability to be good parents. After Kamloops’ human remains were discovered, excavations began across Canada with the help of government authorities. And the scandal could soon spread to the United States, whose Secretary of the Interior recently announced the opening of an investigation into the troubled heritage of Native American boarding schools, with a focus on cemeteries or potential burial sites.

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On Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized for the egregious mistakes made by the country and called on Pope Francis to do the same, as he met with First Nations in Canada: I spoke personally with His Holiness to insist how important it is to apologize but do so with Indigenous Canadians on Canadian soil , According to him. The Bishop of Montreal, Monsignor Christian Labine, spoke in an open letter about a dark side of history in which no man or woman, believer or non-believer, can remain indifferent. But Native Americans also insist that all boarding school archives be made public as soon as possible.
Outside what was formerly the Marieval Residential School, members of the Cowesses community set up a tent – the traditional conical tent with leather and birch bark – for prayer and put up 751 solar-powered lights to light the unknown graves of children who never came home.

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