Ukraine, Zelensky’s advisor: «Putin is a political corpse.  China will not supply the Russians with weapons »

Putin is already a political corpse. When it becomes a physical corpse, it is only a matter of time.” Comments Jawahery, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, guest on German TV Land. Zelensky’s advisor, whom the same announcer called an expert on targeted verbal attacks, spoke about the conflict situation almost 14 months after the start of the Russian invasion, and about the relationship between Moscow and Beijing, which would not be so idyllic. Danilov believed that “the disintegration of Russia has already begun and Putin started it”, “Putin started the active part of the disintegration on February 24, 2022, and Russia will collapse.” Xi Jinping, a convinced man from Kiev, is already considering Putin’s successor. “He had already made some castings,” Danilov defines them, “he looked very carefully at Prime Minister Mishustin.” Then he adds that China will not supply arms to Moscow because “they don’t play chess, the vast majority of Chinese play Go, which is a completely different game. The result of this game is the occupation of territories ». Today, April 8, the Secretary of the Security Council also intervened in the leak of classified documents in the United States, denying Reconstruction from CNN According to which Kiev had changed its plans: «data for certain operations, the number of units, who is involved, in which direction there is information extremely confidential. I don’t know who spoke there CNNHowever, I can say that the number of people who know about our plans is very limited. And I don’t think the informant who communicates with the American broadcaster has anything to do with our plans.

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