How does the new Anti-Fraud Act affect self-employed and management software companies?  By EV4 Company

Following its approval in July this year, The New Anti-Fraud Act Came into force on October 11 with the intention of Oppose those computer programs that allow so-called undeclared billing Software Dual use. Henceforth, under this new law, both the production and possession of these types of systems will be considered illegal.

Company EV4, Which deals with design and maintenance Software ERP, and its services comply with all legal requirements required by the new Anti-Fraud Act, while the current regulations require that the transparency of accounting records be guaranteed.

New guidelines for this Software Management

Under the new law, The Software Management is committed to providing a service that is consistent with the integrity, security, accessibility, clarity, detectability and unchangeability of records. Understanding what companies are doing is important Software They have to deliver when they provide a service to their customers.

According to EV4 experts, integrity refers to the information that should be on the invoice, which should not contain empty mandatory fields. For an invoice to be printed or sent, data on the company, client and amount must appear if it is a transaction. Realism. In turn, security means that all information cannot be stored and erased on the system. No matter how much the user deletes the files, there will always be proof somewhere.

Accessibility ensures that users can keep the information they need secure. Security is created by using encrypted passwords. For their part, employees may have restricted access to manage only the information necessary for their work.

Software ERP ensuring detectable and clear documentation

Another condition imposed by law is the clarity of the information, which is stored in databases with the possibility of being imported into other files or media. The law also talks about detectability. A Software Management complies with this condition and cannot modify movements made in documents such as ratings, orders, sales, shipments and invoices.

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The last requirement is immutability, which is combined with all other conditions. The Software The ERP must comply with the new Anti-Fraud Act to guarantee everything done through it. Software Reliable and unchangeable record.

The new regulation imposes a fine of up to ஆயிரம் 50,000 for users and up to ஆயிரம் 150,000 for companies. Software, Therefore having experts in ERP like EV4, The company that meets all the requirements specified in the publication of the Anti-Fraud Act, A basic property.


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