Belgium Shift: The 4-day working week arrives

A revolution in work regulations in Belgium, with an agreement in the federal government for a broad reform that provides, among other things, the possibility to extend the weekly hours of a full-time contract over 4 working days, and to have an extra day off per week.

It would be “concrete progress for all workers!” Labor Minister Pierre-Yves Dermann announced the agreement after exhausting negotiations in the Ministerial Committee.

What does the repair offer?

The new structure provides for “a concrete right to training, protection of workers on digital platforms, work-life balance, and measures to promote employment”.

The new flexible working hours, also envisioned as parenting support, will allow workers in Belgium to order more hours per week to reduce work the next day.

right to training

Then the new rules provide for the introduction of a real right to training, with a request, for example, a plan for the development of workers’ skills for all companies with more than 20 employees.

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