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Draghi at the press conference after the Cabinet: Labor sanctions, I don’t agree with Salvini on that

Italian democracy is strong, it does not allow external enemies to be beaten by hired puppets. We must be confident in our democracy, and we must not be afraid of any voice.”

Mario Draghi is more free than other times, even in language. Perhaps he is only in his current affairs position, even if he has just decreed 14 billion (with lots of general compliments to the Minister of Economy, “I hope the next government will be like him”). It might be his last press conference. At some point, he himself answers the questions of reporters. is the first time. He has to flee to Marche, but he still wants answers and questions.

Those journalists ask him are almost all politicians. Salvini, Meloni, the Russians, Moscow’s money, its future (Are you still in government?. “No”). The common thread for the answers is also the multi-gravel tag that it seems to want to remove. The beginning of the conference is reassuring: He told the Americans: “They assured me that the Italian political forces were not on the list of recipients of Russian money.. There is no evidence of Russian funding for the current candidates.


and reassurance accompanied by confidence in our country, “What I will say in New York to the United Nations Assembly, A country that grows and defends its citizens and businesses with a social agenda that was the key to my government.”. A story that has nothing to do with the fact that “in recent years, Russia has carried out a continuous act of corruption in many sectors in Europe and the United States.”

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But since good does not make fiction or news, according to ancient historians, questions about what is wrong, or what could go wrong, persist. And Draghi breaks them down one by one, sometimes even pointing the finger at leaders who are currently facing each other on the campaign trail. Do you want Meloni to change your PNRR? “I don’t always share this negative opinion: Is there a PNRR that doesn’t work? No, it works, it goes on, almost all resources are blocked. ”

But there is also Salvini’s position in relation to sanctions, in relation to Moscow. Draghi steps back less than usual and invites us to look at things in their true dimensions, without overdoing them. Salvini does not quote patience, but patience: “There are those who love the Russians madly and want to lift the sanctions and talk secretly with the Russians every day.… He is there, and he is there too, but there are many people who do not, that is, the majority of Italians ».

Empty hands

Even former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, his political positions, seem to emerge for a moment: “One cannot vote in favor of sending arms to Ukraine, and then say that I disagree, or worse, be proud of Ukraine’s progress after I opposed sending arms. Was Ukraine supposed to defend itself with its bare hands? maybe yes”. Draghi adds: “In international relations we need transparency, we need coherence, not volatility or volatility. This makes the state’s prestige, cohesion and transparency, without which the country is weakened on the outside and also weakened on the inside and the environment for growth is lacking.”

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They ask him about Urban, about the rejection from Brussels, and about the fact that he is Meloni ally. The answer is obvious, but he turned to the Italians: «We have a certain vision for Europe, we defend the rule of law, we are allies of Germany and France. But I wonder how one chooses their partners? Of course, there are ideological commonalities, but I also believe on the basis of the interest of the Italians. Who are these partners? Who is the most important? You give yourselves the answers.” Regarding the effectiveness of sanctions against Russia, the answer is clear: “The sanctions work. There are several viewpoints within the center right. Does Salvini prevail? I can’t say that. It’s a vision (Salvini’s vision, so) that the current government does not share it.”

There is also regret for the missed vote on the financial agent: «There was an agreement with all the political forces. The government pledged not to write delegated decrees until the election date. Everyone stuck to his word except for one political force that did not vote for it. We hope there is still time.” The League, in the Commission, opposed the scheduling.

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