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Honorary King for two years in self-imposed exile in Abu Dhabi. He returned to the country for the first time, to follow the regatta, after filing an investigation into illegal money

Welcoming in Galicia, for the Breben, the sailing ship with which the world champion was, was warmed by the crew and residents of Sancinxo, a town located on the estuary of the Ría del Pontevedra, northwest of the peninsula, along the Atlantic coast. But the family reunion in Madrid yesterday was for Former King of Spain Juan Carlos IAnd Sad moment of truth. If the socialist government Pedro Sanchez
Presence in Iberia A source of embarrassment and controversy with members of the government, very few advocates of royalists Unidas Podemosof the son and the current king, Philip VIThe meeting with father wasn’t a party.

distance approx Two years of absence from his country
the honorary king spent less than 12 hours in the capital, not having been hosted there a single night before He left for his exile, Golden, But it is still far away in the United Arab Emirates. Government spokeswoman Isabel Rodriguez spoke on Spanish National Radio, RNE, From a missed opportunity to explain to his people about A series of accusations brought against him by the Spanish judiciary And from the Swiss, who broke the wall of his immunity, instead of proving his innocence. The same explanations, of very serious facts, requested by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlasca, and re-launched by journalists upon the passing of Juan Carlos I who responded dryly: explanations for what?

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From a judicial point of view, the former king cannot be sued, because the facts precede his abdication in favor of his son, in 2014. But in terms of image and Damage to the image of the royal house From the discovery of black money in tax havens, to suspected bribes from Saudi Arabia to build a high-speed rail line between Mecca and Medina, from the registration of assets to former historical sweetheart, Corinna Larsen, and from retaliatory discoveries the results of the latter have been devastating. No one knows, and probably never will, what father and son said to each other and face to face, behind closed doors, were staying yesterday morning at Zarzuela Palace, the residence of the royal family. But of course it was not a pleasant conversation for the former head of state, who reached the age of 84 and was permanently banned, if you want to interpret the official statement from Zarzuela according to which Juan Carlos will continue to live permanently in Abu Dhabi. However, another sentence of the memorandum does open a window to the possibility of resettlement, as it states that on the occasion of future visits or if he should return to reside in Spain in the future, the titular king will have a private residence, and thus separate from the official domicile of the Bourbon.

Even less leaked than meeting, at a family lunch, with Queen Sofia, who has been betrayed over the years and never benefited from an official apology. The only time a King showed himself remorseful was after a Safari in Botswana, when he photographed himself on the corpse of an elephant, WWF Honorary President of Spain. Also in this case he had to accompany his beloved, less and less hidden. However, it was impossible to achieve reconciliation between the previous rulers: Doa Sofia tested positive for Covid, upon returning from a trip to Miami, and the former couple kept their distance, even if the masks were separated. The only relative I went to He was greeted on his arrival in Galicia by his daughter, Infanta Elena. Honorary King, on the throne for nearly forty years since 1975, with moments of splendor such as those in the country’s transition from Francisco Franco’s regime to democracy, or, as in February 1981, when a military coup was thwarted, soon. A week of competitions in his Bribn, marking the World Sailing Championships, between 10-19 June. Who knows if the ice won’t start to melt by then. Even if Philip VI had recommended to his father, once again, a very low profile.

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