Is Aya Nakamura preparing for a new album or re-releasing her third album, “Aya”? She hasn’t revealed anything yet, but her fans have been wondering since she announced the arrival of an unreleased song called Popo with a short teaser video. A new one is now available on all platforms. Evidently, Aya Nakamura attached it to a clip directed by Vladimir Budnikov, which will inevitably put some sun into your life and prepare you perfectly for this summer.

Aya Nakamura is back with Bobo!

Pookie’s interpreter takes us where it’s hot, as a handsome guy tries to pull her in in an idyllic setting (sunset, promenade on soft sand, all …):I want bifton no booze / Chéri coco, I want my picture (…) Can you surprise me? / I don’t know if you’re trending / In real life, don’t talk to me / Forget the codesAya Nakamura sings on a calm and somewhat sensual instrument apart from that of the tubes DjadjaAnd the GirlfriendsAnd the the point, sOkayPlus Jamais is at work with Stormzy or Soldat.

In any case, the singer’s subscribers are already ready to listen to Bobo on an episode all summer: “We’ll hear this every holiday“,”The sound of summer“,”Summer running“,”Summer 2021, it will be a fire“,”Summer hit“, Thank you for saving our summer“,”Summer with a verse, what happiness“,”Summer officially begins May 27, 2021Can we read the comments on one of Aya Nakamura’s Instagram posts.


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