Ignacio López Tarso criticizes the work in which Sylvia Pinal appeared;

the actor Speak Ignacio Lopez Tarso About canceling work Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother? First actress Silvia Pinal came out, calling her a “hair pull” for her poor literary quality.

In an interview with first handhe stated that the work did not have any kind of quality to share Benal and distract him from his artistic career.

“A comedy without any literary quality, or any dramatic quality, or any quality whatsoever. There was no quality there.” Little Red Riding Hood and what’s up with your grandmother, “Because I don’t like the title anymore, it sounds like a piece of dirty hair.”

The musical was canceled 10 days after its premiere because producer Ivan Kochegros spoke about the cast on some audio recordings that had been leaked to the media, to the chagrin of some interpreters.

The production ensured that the story was adapted so that the lead actress would shine; However, it has drawn multiple criticisms because it has been emphasized Benal is forced to act In which.

His family, however, denied these statements, since it was the actress herself who asked to go out in the musical as a way to stay active.

The first actor confirmed that he understands Silvia Penal’s reasons To continue on stage He remembers the last time he starred in the theater in the mid-nineties with the play What about dolly?

“I’m so sorry for Sylvia because I feel that at that age you should have needed theater. People who do theater need theater as a physical need.”

López Tarso made a call, both to the producers and the family of the beginning actress, so as not to neglect her career, because she alone could make the mistake of choosing projects without quality.

“Sylvia needs someone to help her with this, she has children, she has grandchildren, and they should take care of her, not leave her alone, let her decide for herself.”


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