iPhone 13 comes in Alpine Green and Green, which are new accessory colors

Not only in nature it will soon be green, also in Apple. The iPhone 13 family will be joined by two new color variants: Alpine Green for the iPhone 13 Pro and Green for the iPhone 13 models, starting soon. Unlike the old shades of green that Apple had in its portfolio, the two new variants have medium brightness, i.e. neither as bright as the pale green the iPhone 11 was wearing nor as dark as the popular midnight green.

It could be an alpine green iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max Pre-order from March 11The green iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will also be available from Can be ordered March 11. To match this, accessories are being launched in a new range of colours.

Silicone case and watch straps in new colors

New Apple accessory colors For MagSafe iPhone cases, Lemon Peel, Nectarine, Haze Blue, and Eucalyptus are named. It can be ordered now and will be delivered starting March 11th. There are some other new colors among the various Apple Watch bands. The single ring starts in nectarine, metallic green, eucalyptus and lemon peel, and the braided band comes in flamingo, light green, abyss blue and polar star. The sport band gets color options indicating Green, Lemon Peel, and Haze Blue. Lavender gray/pale lilac, nectarine/peony, oat milk/lemon peel, ice blue/abyss blue, and midnight/eucalyptus starter sports rings.

The selection of the new watch strap is available to order now, with deliveries starting March 10th.

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