Meloni will be in Paris.
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From heaven they seek a date, they ask to resolve the conflict born with the Ocean Viking, but Palazzo Chigi denies: no commitment from Meloni

Paris –
President’s photo Emmanuel Macron who is approaching Georgia Meloni The Italian Prime Minister, who responded cordially at the beginning of the summit in Tirana, suggested overcoming the difficulties between France and Italy. Rather, there is still some way to go, both in substance and also in form, judging by the back-and-forth of yesterday between Eliseo and Palazzo Chigi.

Speaking to journalists on the eve of the EU-Mediterranean summit A source from the Elysee confirmed, “Mrs. Meloni continues to look for a date Visit to Pariswhich I vowed to work on after last month’s episode regarding the ship Ocean Viking. We are waiting for confirmation from them, in any case for you to propose dates to be able to come to Paris, which obviously does not prevent other contacts from developing on the sidelines of the summits, so Tirana and Alicante This week and obviously next week’s European Council, which will be a first for Mrs. Meloni, with important issues for all of us and in particular for Italy.

In the evening, sources from Palazzo Chigi responded to this We are not aware of any commitment made by President Meloni to visit Paris. Nor did any official invitation reach the president, imagining that certain invitations were not made in the press.” So we are in the presence of Slight misunderstanding: The French presidency is convinced that Meloni has committed to come to Paris to solve a problem Discord was born with Ocean Viking
He is expected to inform her of the possible dates of the visit; The Italian prime minister denies that he has made such a commitment, and thus also denies that Meloni was scheduling the trip, adding with a touch of criticism that an official invitation never arrived.

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It is a misunderstanding in a formal matter, Which, however, underscores a certain difficulty in understanding each other in general, after the misunderstanding in the Ocean Viking (Rome thanked Paris for the choice that Macron succumbed to and did not make). If there is room for improvement in terms of form, even in terms of substance – immigration – the positions remain far away. In this regard, here is what the same source from the Elysee said yesterday: “Today, the specific issue of law enforcement has not been resolved, or rather the issue that divided us with the Italian authorities last month. I haven’t seen, at least not yet, one Amending the position of the Italian authorities regarding the application of the flag state lawwhile, according to us, the law provides for the primary responsibility of States in the field of search and rescue. For Italy Meloni and Macron will have the opportunity to meet again today in Alicante, “at a smaller table because it is limited to nine states,” as the Elysee confirms.

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