Dagalo and Zika were sanctioned by the French Football Federation after a quarrel between them

Thiago Dagalo and Zika respectively received two matches and one suspension match from the French Football Federation, after being confused during a friendly match in Lille. But both players are available for Sunday’s Champions Cup against PSG.

Lille players Thiago Dagalo and Zika have been suspended for the resumption of the Ligue 1 championship after a quarrel between them in a friendly match. But the two players will be available on Sunday for the Champions Cup against Paris Saint-Germain, the French Football Federation said on Friday.

Dagalo was suspended for two matches, compared to one for Cheka, after a meeting of the football team’s disciplinary committee, but the suspension continues “from Monday”. Thus, both players will miss the first day of Ligue 1 in Metz on August 8, but will be available on Sunday in Tel Aviv against Paris.

According to Jorvinik, “the story is settled”

The two partners got confused and got involved in a friendly match against Kortrijk (1-1), on July 17, and were disqualified from that encounter. Zika had apologized on social media: “I apologize to the fans And the club for this situation. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not aggressive at all. He said I can have a strong personality but always have good intentions,” saying he simply wanted to “defend” himself.

For his part, the new coach, Jocelyn Jorvinik, felt, a few days ago, that the issue had been settled and the page had been turned. “These are extraordinary things. The story has been settled,” he told the team. The president (Olivier Letang, editor’s note) received the players, Zika and Thiago Dagalo, and I was also there with Sylvain Armand (sports coordinator), who is with us every day. We must be able to Avoid it because the club’s image is not very good. I think the players have realized that they have to use their energy to beat opponents and not fight between us.”

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