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Donald Trump launched his social platform after being banned from Twitter and Facebook. Going forward, supporters will be able to communicate with and inform the former president in real time about his positions and activities through the site called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump”, where videos and press releases will also be uploaded.
Once an account is created, sponsors will be able to receive notifications every time Trump posts a message, in a manner similar to what happens with other social media. There is also a button to share Trump messages on Facebook and Twitter.

Trump was removed from Facebook and Twitter, which canceled his account after the bloody events of January 6, when supporters of the former president stormed the US Congress. An action that was, to many, instigated by Trump who had held a fiery rally shortly before that. For this, the former president was subjected to a second impeachment, however, he was acquitted again.

A decision is then expected from Facebook leaders in the next few hours: They will have to make a decision whether to reinstate Trump on their platform or extend the ban. Instead, Twitter indicated that his ban on the former president is permanent.

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