Serve with a spoon, then kick in victory ... Musetti and Chechinado give the best point of the match

The two Italians had one of the most beautiful exchanges of the match at Court No. 7 this Saturday.

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Marco Chechinado (83rd worldwide) and Lorenzo Musetti (76th), who face each other on Saturday, June 5 for a place in the 16th round at Roland Garros, are hot on the Parisian clay. The Italo-Dalian fight kept all its promises and in the fifth round the two men were neck and neck.

Fantastic exchanges follow each other, and the two actors feast the eyes of the audience at court number seven. One point in particular caught my attention, a few minutes ago. Everywhere (3-6, 6-4) against the scoreboard, at the start of the third set (1-0, 40-0) Musetti broke against his teammate. Either way: at a spoon service from Chechnado, Musetti in a stunning response, one of the most beautiful transfers of the match with a successful shot … behind. It is enough to raise the public’s trust in the Borde de Autou.

Cross Point Musetti

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