Bypassing the Kremlin: Moving to Bypass Putin's Wall

The to forbid One of the western social channels in Russia is easily bypassed by young people thanks to the VPN, which is the virtual private network used to ensure privacy and anonymity. In this way, news from outside the country will continue to reach Russian cities.

Soon after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, this is also due to the fact that social networks like Facebook Instagram had allowed hate messages to be broadcast against the Moscow government and the Russian army involved in the clash, and Federation President Vladimir Putin took a strict decision to block access to the channels.

We call on the authorities to stop Meta’s extremist activities and take measures to bring those responsible to justiceThe Russian Embassy in Washington wrote on Twitter.there aggressive policy And a dead criminal, who leads to incitement to hatred and hostility towards the Russians, excites us.The embassy continued.Media companies have become soldiers of the propaganda machine of the ruling circles in the West“.

It is here that the main social networks used by the younger generations are blocked. However, this has not prevented Russian boys from continuing to access channels using vpn, also know the news coming from the West. All this was possible because, as he explained to CNN From the presenter of the independent Russian newspaper TV Rain Ekaterina Kotrikadze, Boys Now “A step forward“Compared to the Moscow government and I easily managed to overcome some walls.

By receiving information from abroad, many of these small Then they flock to the streets of big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg to protest their president. “It is really important to understand that the new generation in the Russian Federation is ahead of Vladimir Putin and his team, from a technological point of view”Ekaterina Kotricadze added. “They know how to get one step ahead of the system, which is why they keep getting information. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: These social networks are already banned in Russia, but people still use VPN.”

A different discourse for the families of these young people, who would rather continue to get information from the Russian news and are convinced that their country is carrying out de-Nazification of Ukraine. A completely opposite idea compared to the thought of some players who surf the Internet and believe the information that comes from themthe West And go down to the squares to appear.

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They don’t show ruined citiesEkaterina Kotricadze, referring to the Russian government, attacked.100 million people in Russia want to trust the fake news, and the Ukrainians thank them for their release. So far these stories have become ridiculous‘, he finished.


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