Ravenna Hospital is the last in Romania in the ranking of the best Italian hospitals

Hospital “Santa Maria delle Croce” in Ravenna “lags behind” in Romania in the ranking of the best hospitals published by the American magazine Newsweek. In fact, Ravenna Hospital ranks 95th (losing two spots compared to last year) out of 127 examined, with an average score of 72.43%. At the level of Romania, the “Morgagni-Pierantoni” hospital in Forlì was placed with a score of 74.82% in 49th place (eight places up), “Infermi” in Rimini ranked 65th (losing six places), with an average score of 74.03%, while ” Bufalini” Cesena ranked 71st (-1), with an average score of 73.49%.

To compile the ranking, the journal relied on the judgment of 80,000 health experts (doctors, managers, and other health professionals) who were quizzed via an online survey. According to the study, the best hospital in Italy is Policlinico Gemelli in Rome with an average score of 93.95%, followed by Niguarda in Milan with 89.05%, and the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, which with a rating of 88.82%, is bested by Sant’Orsola Malpighi from Bologna with 86.57%. . At the bottom of the ranking is Bellaria Hospital in Bologna with an average score of 70%.

The rating was also completed by analyzing available data obtained from surveys on patient experiences (general satisfaction, hospital recommendation and level of satisfaction with medical care); and analysis of so-called “medical key performance indicators” (or medical KPIs), such as data on the quality of treatments provided, hygiene measures and the number of patients per doctor-to-nurse ratio. The provisional ratings obtained from these analyzes were validated by a panel of medical journalism experts and finally, thereafter, by a panel of medical experts who definitively validated the ratings.

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Nancy Cooper, Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek, said: “The aim of this study is to provide a data-driven comparison of the reputation and performance of hospitals across countries. We hope that this ranking will be useful to patients and families who are looking for the best possible healthcare for themselves and their loved ones, as well as hospitals. compared to other facilities. However, among the characteristics of large hospitals, there is not only first-class care, research and innovation, but also consistency. The best hospitals around the world also feature new treatments and research.” Cooper further recalls how
Across the world “hospitals are facing rising costs, an aging population, and a medical workforce exhausted from fighting a global pandemic.”


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