Putin will live with former gymnast Alina Kabaeva in a luxurious mansion in Valdai

Russian president Russian President Vladimir Putin He spent most of his time not in Moscow, but in one Luxurious accommodation In the countryside with the former gymnastics champion Alina Kabaeva, referred to by many as the mother of the tsar’s last two children. It will be for women too Huge penthouse in Sochi With swimming pool, cinema and heli landing.

Investigate Putin’s luxurious life

To detect luxury Vladimir Putin and his mistress are one investigation to projectwhich is an independent Russian site specializing in Investigative Journalism Moscow banned it in 2021.

second projectwill own Alina Kabaeva for the time being Real property approx value $120 million. Among this luxury Residence in ValdaiIt is a region halfway between Saint Petersburg and Moscow and is famous for its hills and lakes.

Cohabitation with beloved Alina Kabaeva

According to reports, ex Olympic gymnastics Alina Kabaeva will have one relationship With the Russian president since the early 2000s, when Putin was still married Lyudmila Ocheretnaya (He divorced her in 2013).

The relationship was not officially confirmed, even years after Putin’s divorce, and the relationship between them was not confirmed They never show themselves together in public.

Kabaeva allegedly got it from Putin two kidsBorn in 2015 and 2019, their gender is unknown. The various sources cited by Proekt now confirm their sources local partnership.

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Luxury villa in Valdai

The two will live for Most of the time In a luxurious residence Valdai, a city in northwestern Russia rising on a lake of the homonym. The city is located in the middle of a nature reserve, Valdai National Park.

The Valdai Lake luxury villa’s existence is revealed to be in 2021 by allies Alexei Navalnythe currently imprisoned Russian opposition leader who claims public funds were used to buy him out.

The villa will be there Preferred residence By the Russian leader, where he used to spend most of his time. The Moscow Ministry of Defense recently published a system Air Defense to protect the palace.

Alina Kabaeva real estate

The investigation by the independent Russian website sheds light on the vast real estate assets attributed to him Alina KabaevaAn estimated $120 million.

As mentioned, Putin’s lover lives in a big house in Valdai with her children, sisters and cousins, five women who never leave her and help her in everything. As it turned out, the Russian president had built a building next to the building Separate accommodation Reserved for Kabaeva.

The villa could have been bought with A.’s money Cyprus Offshore CompanyErmira Consultants, which controls Real Invest, which owns the Putinka vodka brand.

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Alina Kabaeva will also have another place of residence in SochiOn the Black Sea: a Huge penthouse of 2600 square meters and 20 rooms complete with a pool, cinema and rooftop helipad.

others Three flats At the well-known resort on the Black Sea, they were registered under the name of the former gymnast’s grandmother.

Image source: Ansa


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