Innovations are constant, in all the fields that exist, so non GamStop casinos could soon be equipped with a new security system: facial recognition. A lethal weapon against people banned from gambling.

Some high-tech areas have been using facial recognition technology for several years, in the USA this security measure is increasingly used in different sectors, airports, trains, banks, scientific societies, etc. Facial recognition is also used in land-based casinos to identify deregistered players!

Towards Facial Recognition on the Net

This technology should make it possible to secure the personal data of users, so people who were reluctant to make purchases online may have to rethink this decision.

In recent years, we have lost count of the number of hacked websites, these sites which in passing have their databases stolen, thus revealing banking information and other ultra-confidential data. No one is safe despite the progress in security, as evidenced in 2011 when Sony was hacked, and revealed information on 77 million players!

Companies are working on solutions like Facebanx or Smowtech, these companies are developing video and photography solutions in order to recognize the user.

Facial Recognition in Online Casino

Online gambling sites should quickly move towards this new technology which is facial recognition, initially online casinos but also online poker rooms and sports betting sites. All these net players owe it to themselves more than other sites to protect players because of the nature of the information.

Some people don’t want other people to know about it, you also have to protect payment data, and in general you have to prevent someone else from using or playing with your player account. These are the challenges of facial recognition for non GamStop casinos.

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The Advantages of Facial Recognition in Online Casinos

It is definitely the ultimate online security weapon, here are the benefits:

Self-banned players

Facial recognition will prevent a player who has been banned, so this player will not be able to open a new account and claim another account, this will also help fight against the unhealthy addiction of some online casino players.

Banned players

Some players are banned from the casino due to addictive behavior or cheating, facial recognition will be able to identify these players.

No more double accounts

Online casino players open several accounts to receive several free bonuses or benefit from other promotional offers, it’s illegal but difficult to detect, with facial recognition in the most reliable online casinos it will now be child’s play.

This security system will undoubtedly have flaws. I imagine that a virus could broadcast a photo or a video to your camera in order to access your data. Hackers advance technology by hacking and showing weaknesses, we hope to see this system put to the test.

Is the Virtual Gambling Industry Ready to Integrate Face Recognition Technology?

Both traditional and online casinos can incorporate facial recognition technology. They have the technological infrastructure for that, so they won’t have to spend more money. Widespread use of this technology will result in immeasurable benefits for both players and operators alike. For example, in North America casinos focus on reducing losses and staffing. In addition, casinos are sensitive to security and there is hidden competition between casinos and cheat players. However, this competition sometimes leads to unpleasant situations with ordinary players. Therefore, casinos want to maintain a level of security without harassing players. This technology can also help to provide countless operational benefits to operators as well as it can enhance the players experience and keep them coming back in the future.

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Since the surveillance department will rely primarily on this technology, employees can be alerted immediately if known or wanted terrorists enter the casino building. Like many crowded places, casinos can be the first choice for outlaws, violent and criminal, not to mention money launderers and human traffickers. For monitoring managers, they definitely have a difficult task to monitor and prevent any damage before it happens.

Can Facial Recognition Technology Help Reduce Losses?

Mostly, casinos do not have checkpoints that require you to show your ID to enter. Thus, cheat players, card counters or professionals can get into any casino and take tens of thousands of dollars before the lounge manager even realizes what’s happened! In such cases, casinos cannot act preventively, but resort to data analysis, return to video surveillance, and communicate with security agencies to identify and prosecute the player! Thus, facial recognition can make a huge difference in recognizing these people and alerting specialized personnel as soon as one arrives.

Could Face Recognition Technology Help in Everyday Operations?

The key to any operating plan aimed at increasing profits is to reduce cost. Both traditional casinos and non GamStop casinos want to simplify their operations and reduce costs without increasing the expenses. For example, some casinos reduce security guards or work fewer hours during certain times to reduce costs. Certainly the addition of intelligence technology has the potential to offer many other operational benefits. Other technologies such as object recognition, appearance/ disappearance, number of people, and other important information can also be incorporated.

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