A month and a half of maxi military exercises

How long does it take to pitch a tent? The question posed on the official channels of the Nspa (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) is one that requires a ceremonial answer, which within 17 days, within the shooting range of Teulada, has set up in March a large military camp that will house the troops of Germany, the Netherlands and Norway: from 27 April To May 14, the armies of these countries, along with the forces of Latvia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Norway, Luxembourg and, of course, Italy, will participate in the military maneuvers “Nobel Jump 2023”, which will include shooting ranges from the end of April, as well as civilian ports and airports.

The symbol of the maneuvers is the horse which, with its stylized Sardinia, forms the Italian tricolor. Below is the code of whoever is organizing the major maneuvers: NATO.

But it is only one of the great maneuvers in which Sardinia took part this spring: in the port of Cagliari there are already ships in the open sea, which will involve 6,000 men. Joint Stars will also start in May.

On the island it will be launched almost continuously until the end of May. The troops will pass through civilian ports and airports.

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