Gladbach manager Max Eberl calls for a fresh start in the German Football Association

The Mönchengladbach makers find it very difficult to “continue like this” in the German Football Association. He is highly critical of the association’s external image. Even FIFA and UEFA did not give April a good report.

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s manager, Max Eberl, has spoken out in favor of a whole new start at the German Football Association summit and believes this is only possible without the current interim leadership. Eberle of Sport Build said he thinks a fresh start with Peter Peters and Rainer Koch is “very difficult”.

“If we are talking about a fresh start, the new people should also be responsible.” “Keep it up” rarely leads to success. “And I find it hard for people who have done things right and left in the past few years to suddenly say: I’m standing straight ahead!”

Eberle on the Football Associations: “I lost credibility”

Since Fritz Keeler’s resignation, Rainer Koch and Peter Peters have led the union on a temporary basis. The election of a new president of the German Football Association in the Bundestag is scheduled for 11 March 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to Peters, Bernd Neuendorf also works. Cottage is not an option.

When asked which class would give the DFB’s external image, Eberl replied: “It won’t put you in school.” Eberl criticized not only the German Football Association, but also the international federations UEFA and Fifa. There are differences, but in general “one has to say that credibility has been lost”. As justification, Eberle said the associations “defend their campaigns and allegations by not standing up for humility and credibility, and ultimately, money is the most important thing. They don’t live it.”

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