Attack on Iran, Tehran threatens Israel: The European Union asks to avoid escalation in the Middle East

The attack occurred on Friday morning in the Isfahan region, where Iranian nuclear sites are located. The United States denies any involvement, but has been informed. A possible operation by Israel, which promised revenge for the attack launched by Iran on April 14


The attack was carried out in the early hours of Friday morning in Iran by three “Small American or Israeli reconnaissance dronesA member of the Iranian Parliamentary National Security Committee said: Shahryar Haidari.

Iran has activated its air defense system in the Isfahan region, a central province of the country that is home to important nuclear facilities. Explosions are “Linked to an Israeli operation” The spokesman for the Presidential Council of the Iranian Parliament said, Najm al-Din Musawim.

Although other authorities in the country wanted to downplay the hypothesis of an Israeli attack on national territory, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hussein Amir Abdullahian He told CNN, “If the Israeli regime makes a grave mistake again, our response will be decisive, final, and regrettable.”

Amir Abdullahian also said that Iran warned the United States through the Swiss embassy in Tehran about this The Islamic Republic does not intend to create tension.

No confirmation from Israel regarding the bombing has been confirmed, as the intention to respond to Tehran's unprecedented attack last weekend has been confirmed for several days.

Two American officials announced that Israel was the one that launched the attack, but Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, from the G7 summit in Capri, contented himself with denying US involvement in the operation.

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The attack occurred in the Isfahan region, where the Natanz nuclear site is located

The Iranian news agency IRNA said that air defenses opened fire near an important air base in Isfahan, which has long hosted… Iran's fleet of American-made F-14 Tomcat aircraftIt was purchased before the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

The semi-official Fars and Tasnim news agencies also reported explosions without indicating the cause. State television admitted that there was “loud noise” in the area.

Once again, according to IRNA, which reported the words of Second Brigadier General Siavush Mohandoos, no damages or incidents were recorded in Isfahan.

In January 2023, an Iranian army military site was attacked by drones in the same area. boycott The city of Isfahan is home to Iran's main nuclear site, Natanz.

Reopening airports in Iran and suspending flights to Israel

The Iranian Airports and Air Navigation Company subsequently announced this All flights from Tehran have returned to normal. Some flights at Imam Khomeini and Mehrabad airports were postponed or suspended on Friday morning, after the country's air defense was activated to repel “some small aircraft,” the IRNA news agency wrote.

German airline Lufthansa and its subsidiaries Swiss and Austrian Airlines Instead, they suspended all flights to Israel until 7 a.m. on Saturday.

EU von der Leyen: “Avoid escalation in the region”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urged Iran and Israel to refrain from launching further attacks. He said during his visit to Finland: “We must do everything possible for all parties to avoid escalation in that region.”

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It is absolutely necessary for the region to be stable Von der Leyen added: “And that all parties refrain from taking further measures,” then said: “We are very concerned about the situation, the situation is very serious.”

Tajani: “The United States warned of an Israeli attack” on Iran

The US Secretary of State said that the United States informed the G7 foreign ministers in Capri that it had received “last-minute” information about the attack on Iran. Antonio TajaniWithout confirming Israel's responsibility.

The G7 ministers' meeting on Friday morning inevitably addressed the issue of the bombing in Iran.

Tajani also reassured Ali Conditions of citizens in the country. The minister wrote on social media: “I spoke with our ambassador to Iran and am following developments in the situation after the night explosions in Isfahan. At the moment there are no critical issues for Italians living in Iran.”

International Atomic Energy Agency: No harm to nuclear facilities in Iran

The International Atomic Energy Agency said that no damage was reported to Iranian nuclear sites. “General Manager Rafael Mariano Grossi continues to demand extreme moderation from everyone and repeats that Nuclear facilities should never be a target in military conflictsThe agency wrote, explaining that it is closely monitoring the situation.


In an interview with Russian radio Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov He talked about “telephone contacts between the leadership of Russia and Iran” and with “Israeli representatives.”

“In these talks we made that clear to the Israelis Iran does not want escalation“, concluded Lavrov.

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