Ice cream, which is better?  Altroconsumo test (with some nasty surprises) -

The epidemic has positively affected sales Filled ice cream. Thanks to the lockdown, the Italians have in fact increased the domestic consumption of the industrial product.

The positive trend of packaged ice cream

In particular, according to Unione Italiana Food, in 2020, large-scale purchases (primarily super and ultra) increased by about 5%. For their part, companies have rode the wave by introducing new variants (eg free from) and new formats (such as small size) Able to intercept the latest consumer requests. So today in the supermarket you can find endless alternatives: from the classic cone to the old-fashioned flavored popsicle, from the snack in the ice cream version to the vegan biscuit.

Altroconsumo اختبار test

Altroconsumo . has been tested 156 references from professional brands and private mark. The analysis focused on the nutritional properties and composition of the products. So the calorie content, the amount of sugars, salt, fiber, proteins, fruits, the presence of flavorings and additives were considered.

Who’s on the platform

At the top of the arrangement is Sammontana with aniseed snow lollipop from the Dadampa line. The product has a rating of 57/100, which is synonymous with average quality. It follows the Carrefour lemon lollipop by just one point. In third place, with 55/100, is the lemon type by Coop and the lemon type and sour cherry by Conad.

Precedence of private labels

Other than the individual scores, the test shows an important fact: references with an average quality certification are only 27 out of 156. Less than 20%. All other products – according to Altroconsumo standards – have low quality, which corresponds to a rating of less than 50. Not only that: most ice creams are served with a rating equal to or greater than 50 with the brand name. The brand corresponds to the name of the chain (Carrefour, Coop, Conad, Esselunga) or – in the case of discount stores – a luxury name (Gelatelli for Lidl, Dolciando for Eurospin).

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