The United States (and its henchmen) is angry at UNRWA for a reason: it documents genocide committed by Israel

On 26 January, the Commissioner-General of the United Nations Assistance Agency for Palestine (UNRWA) said, Philip Lazzarini, He opened an investigation into some employees suspected of involvement in the October 7 attacks by Hamas in Israel Release them. All this is based on reports by the Israeli authorities, who have not yet submitted any file containing documented evidence.

Lazzarini hoped to protect the agency's ability to provide humanitarian assistance, but underestimated his desire for revenge against his agency. Within an hour of the official call, the US State Department had already decided to suspend funding for UNRWA. In the following days, despite the dismissal of employees reported by the Israeli government and immediate activation Investigation Committee, Pending funding has arrived from: Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain and Scotland.

With these cuts, UNRWA will no longer be able to operate and, as of February, will not be able to continue the humanitarian assistance activity that ensures Food, water and first aid For hundreds of thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip.

Why this choice by the United States and the most loyal countries? Why place responsibilities on a UN agency that are clearly individual for some staff? Why was it decided – in fact – to suspend UNRWA's activity and its assistance to the residents of Gaza? Based on Israeli accusations alone Against 12 people who were fired from the agency?

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The answer is tragic basic: Why is UNRWA considered one of the sources of evidence in the trial? international justice Court Against Israel. In fact, on January 26, an hour before this story began, the court ruled that the genocide charges against Israel were plausible and that the trial initiated by the South African accusations should continue. We must ask ourselves why a court historically biased in favor of Western countries acted in this way when faced with the complaint brought by the South African government. The answer is very simple: the amount of documentary evidence of acts of genocide committed by the Israeli army was so great that it was almost impossible to verify. impossible This is the ruling that accepted the Israeli thesis.

Therefore, the basis of this sentence is hard work Who collected the evidence Document them From the ongoing massacre and forced to leave Gaza: journalists and international solidarity agencies, starting with the United Nations agencies, starting with UNRWA.

the Journalists Those in Gaza, as is known, are among the groups most affected by the Israeli army’s fire in its action against the residents of Gaza: dozens and dozens of deaths. Western journalists who follow the Israeli military are in a safer position, however Minor occupational disability: They can only reach crime scenes when the Israeli army decides to let them pass. Therefore, we find ourselves in a situation where the journalists who can and are trying to document the horror are themselves Goal From the Israeli army.

Another important channel through which they exit Gaza strip Information and video documentation are provided by international agencies, including UNRWA.

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Thus, an hour after the International Court of Justice in The Hague decided to oblige Israel to adopt behavior that clearly demonstrates that it is not committing genocide, and to take “immediate measures to allow humanitarian aid and basic necessities to reach the Gaza Strip.” The United States – watched by its loyal servant friends – proceeded to cut off funds from the UN agency that had the institutional mission of providing humanitarian aid and that had provided part of the evidence that allowed it to do so. Condemnation of Israel.

Now the Italian media are reporting on corruption rings in the United Nations while the real question to be answered is: Why are the Italian government and Western countries showing themselves? very sorry For the more than 10,000 children killed by the Israelis in Gaza, have they chosen to make it impossible to document the thousands of children who will be killed in the coming weeks? Because it hurts Crocodile Tears Will commenting on the suffering of the Palestinian people contribute decisively to ensuring that Gazans die from hunger and hardship in the coming weeks?

These are the questions Which should be answered before meloni government, Who made submission towards the United States and Israel the main feature of his disgraceful policy. Why does Italy stand in such a rude manner alongside the executioners?


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