América: Bruno Valdez se convirtió en el defensa con más goles en la historia; aquí sus mejores anotaciones

Bruno Valdez had become Highest defense scored in history subordinate America Eagles. After the caption with which registration was opened in the match against The white cock from QueretaroParaguay defender has arrived 27 points with the shirt azulcrema´.

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They passed alone Minutes of the game, when through a corner kick charged by Diego Valdes In the first post, it appeared Valdez With a header that left the visiting goalkeeper without a chance to respond, Washington Aguirre.

Paraguay defender’s goal which means crossing the mark he left “Captain Fury” Alfredo Tina Came in his party number 202 Defend the colors USA.

Bruno Valdez’s most symbolic goal

Annotation from the previous eleven steps Santos On the Round 5 This is it Close 2022 Not just matching 26 goals by Alfredo Tina, If not too first win championship.

The first goal in Liga MX

at closing 2016, Valdez Recording opened in the match between USA and extinction Monrash Moreliaafter guiding in the cross of Rubens Sambiosa.

The goal in the classic

It was one of the moments that made American fans shake it up Valdez Open registration in National Classic In view of chivas at Opening 2018When after a rebound inside the area, Paraguay took the opportunity to push the ball and beat the goalkeeper. red and white

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A local target away from the Azteca

They had to pass 54 years Why USA Will play at home away from Giant Santa Ursula. Specifically, it was on the second day of Guardians 2020 before Xolos from Tijuana what or what Valdez shake the net Olympic University.


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