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Major twist in the wild camp: Janina Youssef was expelled by the RTL for racist reporting. RTL also explained the whereabouts of Linda Nobott.

Update from January 25, 23:03: During an argument between Linda Knobt and Janina Youssef, Youssef released a racist statement and was later expelled from the camp by the RTL. Many viewers on social media, including Twitter, called for Linda to throw away the pain, and she shouted things like “bitch” at her fellow manager.

Now RTL also commented on the debate. “Wild camp grows by arguments, but racism has reached a limit., I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! ‘ It will continue as planned with Linda and the rest of the candidates: Janina and Linda’s statements and insults were bounded in their contentious situations and certainly led to mutual formation.

Jungle Camp 2022: Eusebius’ Jungle Agreement is dissolved

Updated from January 25, 07:40: The RTL drew the repercussions: Janina Youssef “Guten Morgen Deutschland” (RTL) is now reporting on corruption with new updates after being expelled from the wilderness after a racist statement to her TV rival Linda Nobott. “This is a very shocking moment,” said appraiser Maurice Gajda.

The stars’ comrades watch the show together every evening. However, upon hearing what Janina had to say, the moderator continued, “I’m so sorry I didn’t speak.” The Jungle deal was terminated from a 39-year-old reality TV participant. She’s going to the airport now – her return flight to Germany is already departing today.

IBES candidate Janina Youssef was banned from the jungle camp by RTL © RTL / RTL +.

Jungle Camp 2022: Janina Youssef’s Comment on Racial Corruption

Janina Youssef has now posted a picture on her Instagram account saying “I am anti-racist”. The 39-year-old now said: “I want to publicly apologize for my statements. I’m so sorry for my linguistic slip in the jungle camp. None.
I’m from an immigrant background and I want to reiterate that I do not tolerate racism. ”

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However, she demands that Linda be thrown out: “While there is no place for racism on television or in our community, there is no such thing as humiliation. It would have been right to take both of us out. I accept the RTL’s decision and I want to stay out of racism. “

January 24, 10:12 pm First report: Kruger National Park – Janina Youssef and Linda Knobt clash again in 2022 forest camp. The two women continue to clash. Even if the other person feels the same way as the other person leads to spitting.

Jungle Camp 2022: Janina Youssef and Linda Nobott keep talking to each other – then comes a racist report

After a typical jungle test, visitors again choose both in a test. The two stars insult each other – and it comes down to a complete expansion. Eusebius and Nobat scream at each other around the fire, and the louder and louder, the more the insults intensify. Janina Eusebion suddenly shouts: “Back to the bush” in the direction of Nobat. Nobt repeats the statement several times, now unable to believe what words were said.

Jungle Camp 2022: RDL kicks Janina Youssef out of the show

A clear racist statement, he apologized only the next day after pressure from other candidates: “I’m very sorry if it seemed racist yesterday. I’m so sorry, I hope you will accept my apology,” Eusebian said. Nobat can’t accept the apology, she frees herself from a hug. As Jasmine Heron puts it, “It’s not going to work that way, it’s not going to be without consequences these days. You can not really say that Bush comment,” says Tara Tabitha. Are you crazy Incredible! ” Harold Glochler agrees. “This is nothing new to me,” Tabitha says sadly with tears in her eyes.

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RTL immediately makes a serious decision and asks participants to use the Jungle Phone. The broadcaster kicks Janina out of the camp.

The RTL wrote on Twitter: “During a heated argument, Janina Eusephian insulted Linda Nobott with racist comments. The RTL does not tolerate such behavior, so Janina has decided not to be allowed on the current season of ‘IBES’.”

The 39-year-old employee was expelled from the camp. His participation contract was terminated and RTL announced via Twitter that he would soon begin his journey home. “RDL will not tolerate such behavior,” it said.

Jungle Camp 2022: Twitter shocked by racist statement

Audiences were outraged by the Twitter comments. “It will not come, it will! That is utter nonsense !!!! ” That’s what a user writes. But one wonders: “Why bad racism […] Shown by RTL? “One woman writes:” No matter how bad the situation, racism does not work. Don’t go “

The audience is all excited about the broadcaster’s decision: “Very strong decision and strong signal from RTL against racism. Respect!” One person added: “I am amazed at how clearly all the candidates and RTLs oppose the racist statement. It’s good that it’s shown and the effects are drawn. “


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