Pumas se impone a Cruz Azul en la semifinal de ida de la Concachampions (Imago7)

The Grand Finalist of the CONCACAF Champions League, (CONCACHAMPIONS) will be decided at the Estadio Azteca. Thanks to the claw, soul and courage, Pumas led the first leg of the semi-final 2-1 with two goals from Juan Ignacio Denino. (37′ and 45′), while Cristian Tabau trimmed Cruz Azul, who would not be aware of Pumas’ return on this occasion, as they will be the ones looking for a comeback.

Pumas was unrecognizable.

After having poor matches in Liga MX where they came to claim six matches without winning, The auriazules They jumped into the Olympic University arena in preparation to devour Cruz Azul To advance to the Concchampions Grand Final.

From the opening whistle of Jair Marrufo, Washington Curozo grabbed the left wing ahead of Juan Escobarwho had two bikes set on the grass while watching the Ecuadorean reach the finish line, made a central shot that hit the base of the right post of Sebastian Jurado, who watched the Tour run along the goal line without anyone pushing or clearing it.

After a rough start for college students, the University of Colorado’s murderous silence has gripped. operator Antuna made a great wall with it little boywho returned the round to Uriel who entered the Oriazole Zone alone to shoot Alfredo Talavera, but Soul back in body to local fanswhere the assistant raised his flag indicating that it was misplaced.

This carelessness caused Macron to wake up, but the target was rejected Pumas. After a mistake by Adrián Aldrete who attempted to cut an air ball, Alan Muzo He took a warm position in the area, but Jurado came out to chop with his fists. The recoil is left for dininowho left the tour kuruzowho seemed to send the ball down the frame, but his prodigy leg sent it to a corner kick.

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Hustle broke out at the Olympic University. Alan Muzu sent a position to second as Kuruzo who took over Central shot finished by Juan Ignacio Dinino in an unorthodox fashionit seemed that the ball entered the concrete goal in a painful way, but Pablo Aguilar sped away in an attempt to clear the ball, but the round collided with the Argentine “Molera” to end up kissing the net.

The clock reached 45 and Naciri added four minutes, and it seemed like the match started in the break with a slight lead for the Cats, but a mistake in the defense gave him the opportunity to increase the score. Mozo, the “king of positions” floated down the left wing and sent a center into the heart of the area, Pablo Aguilar tried to cut, but backed off to let Dineno finish as he wantedwho hit a header completely off to defeat Jurado and go 2-0 to the locker room.

They are alive!

For the plugin, Juan Reynuso clenched his pupils’ ears, so Machine Try reaction tossearched deep in Uriel Antuna and sent centers with the desire for a shot that would put them into the fight, but the cats’ defense was ready, Alan Mozo had a perfect duel in defense and attack, as did Freire and the Palermo Ortiz, who has cut through all of the sky, approaches, giving Talavera a field day.

As the minutes passed, Pumas regained the ball by trying to score the third goal of the night, but unfortunately for them, the cement defense was more attentive and avoided any dangerous play, and this was coupled with the hand of Dineno inside the area, who in his shot hit the ball at the base of the post.

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The result seemed to be favorable for the League 2-0, who would go to Azteca with a huge advantage in the second leg, but Christian Tabo seems to be a sign of that who maintains heavenly hopes.



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