'Breached our borders': Russian ship maneuver infuriating Denmark (and NATO)

Moscow backtracks and angers an EU member: This time it’s time Denmarkvery annoyed by the violation of its waters by one boat A Russian military, a Corvette, for the past few hours. According to the armed forces in Copenhagen, the boat entered Danish waters for the first time at 2.30 am north of the Danish island of Christians in southern Sweden, 300 kilometers from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. “A few hours later, the same warship again crossed the boundaries of the territorial waters, always north of KristansThe Danish army said in a statement:Then the Russian ships left Danish territorial waters.

“unacceptable act”

Copenhagen Foreign Minister, jeep kofod, expressed his enormous disappointment, to put it mildly, with a note also posted on Twitter. “Once again, Russia does not respect international rules by not respecting borders. He made it clear to the Russian ambassador that this kind of action is totally unacceptable“. And the ministry still remembers the violations of Danish territorial waters committed by the Russian ship, a month and a half after a Russian military aircraft violated Danish airspace. On that occasion, an Antonov-30 aircraft used mainly for aerial surveillance. flew over the sky of the country east of Bornholm (Island Baltic Danish) before also violating Stockholm airspace.

“bully methods”

Let me be clear: bullying tactics do not work against Denmark,” Kovod pointed out to the media, stressing that they are not ready to accept any kind of provocation from the Russians in response.in a consistent and timely manner.”. While Denmark, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to celebrate democracy and free dialogue, it is important that “Russia chose to go ahead with such provocations with military ships. This kind of work speaks for itselfAs he writes ProphetAs the Minister of Defense spoke on this matter, Morten Podskovwhich defined Moscow’s work as “A clear and deliberate provocationadding that both the Navy and the Air Force are present andThey have close cooperation with the rest of the Nordic countries“.

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What happened in the Baltic Sea

How can Putin’s move be explained? First of all, it is a coincidence that the violation of the past few hours occurred at the end of the NATO naval exercise in Baltic It started on the 5th of June and ended on the 17th as seen above from the inside. The deployment of troops was enormous, with more than 45 ships, more than 75 aircraft, and thousands of men and women participating in various exercises. On the one hand, the union of Allied countries, and on the other hand, the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, this combination of factors may have made the Kaiser “feel”, increasingly, distant and isolated from the democratic world. the West.


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