Poke, if you like it, then these are the perfect summer recipes for you: they are so easy to prepare and so delicious
Bouquet variants: left with salmon, center with tuna and right with prawns – iFood.it (Photo Canva)

Pokélite, a unique, nutritious and versatile dish, ideal for summer lunches: each time it varies with the ingredients we want

Pokés have also begun to spread in Italy, but their homeland is far away. We are talking about the wonderful Hawaiian Islands, lost in the Pacific Ocean. In a context like this, it’s easy to see why each bokeh is based on fresh fishwhich is certainly not lacking in Hawaii.

Hawaiians and especially anglers have traditionally used freshly caught fish to prepare fish One nutritious dish: the raw fish came Cut into cubes and seasoned In a sauce with seaweed and onions.

Today, the bouquet prepared all over the world has been enriched with many ingredients and rejected into new and different forms; In fact it is Versatile dish Which lends itself to alternatives and variations.

The main ingredient of fish can consist, for example, of tuna, salmon, albacore and prawns depending on personal preferences. Then each bouquet can be enriched with Optional components Such as avocados, seeds, vegetables, fruits, sauces to season fish and any food we like to serve to complete the dish.

Bouquet with tuna or salmon

If we like raw tuna, we can prepare it as one dish poke tuna to 472 calories: On a bed of rice (80 grams) add 100 grams of tuna in pieces, 30 grams avocado cut into small pieces, seaweed And Onion red. We can also choose White tuna: let’s use 90g on a 60g rice base, add the avocado and in this case we will complete with sprouts Hey mushroomsfor a total 390 calories.

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In another variant, again with white tuna (this time 100 grams), we can add 60 grams of rice, 50 grams of Edamame100 grams of mango Cut into pieces and season everything with the spices that we like the most: in this case the Bouquet will bring us 446 calories. if we prefer Salmon we go up to 507 calories: to the 60g rice base we will add 90g salmon, 50g Vita30 grams of avocado and seaweed.

Bouquet with salmon, avocado, seaweed and seeds – iFood.it (Photo Canva)

Bouquet with shrimp and vegetarian variety

A very tasty option it is Poke with shrimpMix 150 grams of prawns with 60 grams of rice, as many vegetables as you like, chopped orange and ginger. Only real good with 361 calories.

If we follow a vegan diet, we don’t have to deny ourselves the pleasures of Bouquet: just prepare aVegan alternative! We can create one with 425 calories Mix 150g of tofu, 60g of rice, broccoli, eggplant and bell pepper.


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