“Military exercises around Taiwan,” tensions escalated after China’s announcement

In response to provocations Taipei And the WashingtonChinese military leaders announced during the day that they had conducted “joint military exercises for combat preparation in the sea and airspace” around Taiwan. From Beijing No further details were given of the maneuvers conducted around the island, nor of the number of vehicles involved nor indication of the exact location of the operations. The Chinese authorities confirmed that they organized the exercises in response to “collusions” between Taiwan and the State of China United StateAnother chapter in the story of friction between the Asian giant and the 36,000 square meter island. Just two months ago, he was newly re-elected – to his third term – Xi Jinping I did To provide In the Basic Charter, China’s strong opposition to Taiwan independence, which on its part she asked A stressed neighbor should change his attitude and abandon the aggressive mentality towards him. The relationship between the United States and Taiwan has been a focus of attention talks between the President of the United States Joe Biden and its Chinese counterpart G20Emphasizing that he considers the Taiwanese issue an internal political matter and does not accept interference.

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