there boat From .’s profile put it in It was destroyed off the coast Snake Islandin the Black Sea. This has been reported by Ukrainian authorities in the now Ukraine channel Telegram who claim to have shot down a laser-guided Bayraktar TB2 drone that hit and sank the boat. “We received information that one of the destroyed boats was written by the Ukrainians on a telegram, including a videotape showing the sinking of the ship.

Putin’s “personal” show ship

Putin’s “personal ship” will be a Raptor-class vessel, recognizable by the white color of its hull – which distinguishes it from other ships of this type, which usually have a camouflage/military colour. The Ukrainian authorities reported that “this is a specially equipped showboat with tail number 001”, since the Kremlin leader was to command the ship several times at military parades in St. Petersburg and Sevastopol.

Moskva and other sunken Russian ships

The number of Russian ships sunk by Ukrainian forces continues to increase. After the fire of the cruiser Moskva, which took place last April 12-14 off the coast of Odessa, Admiral Makarov, the largest of the still intact fleet, sank near the island of Snakes.

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