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(ANSA) – New Delhi, 06 August – The Mumbai Municipal Department has announced that it has increased the number of teams committed to cleaning up Juhu Beach, one of the preferred destinations for residents of the capital.

For a few days, for at least five kilometers, the sands of Juhu Beach turned gray, strewn with sticky black spots, while a greasy black patina stagnated on the water. Reclamation workers in the area collected five tons of pollutants.

On social media, there are calls for environmental disaster and images of animals victimized by poison: Bollywood actress Richa Chadha posted a shot of a dying snake, others have re-released images of jellyfish that have also gone black, and dead mountains. I found fish on the beach.

The city authorities, who opened an investigation, claim that they still ignore the exact cause of the disaster and assume that an oil spill occurred off the Arabian Sea. (handle).

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