“When you’re not a champion, you have to go,” Rafa told 100% Deporte de Sport 890 on Monday.

Rafa Garcia

The midfielder and defender, who said the president had called him Jose Fuentes to announce he would not be renewed, said.

“When goals are not achieved, you must take charge and it is natural for us to go out to the greatest. Garcia, 32, who was one of the captains of the team and who suffered a long injury that left him practically out completely, added, as when you win. Clausura Championship.

Rafa Garcia

The footballer also expressed his disappointment at not winning the title, which would have meant winning the tournament three times for Nacional. “We failed,” he commented. We had a great opportunity and we didn’t take it.”

Rafa said he was “sad” not to have achieved the goal, but was “calm” about his contribution to this latest move for the club, even though he has been out of action in recent games. “Be calm because I am a professional, I act correctly and do my best to achieve the goals,” he said.. “The feeling of sadness because in this case we did not achieve the goals.”

“We must continue,” he added. “I am satisfied with everything that has been done in these years. I spent 15 years at the club and in five years we were champions. Now we have to accept reality.”

Rafa and Gallardo

Garcia He was consulted about the versions circulating about disagreements with Gonzalo Bergisio, the team captain. He said, “I don’t know what was said.” “I don’t have any problems. I never had any problems with anyone”.

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In addition, he preferred not to comment on the Argentine striker’s lack of renewal. “About the decision not to continue at the club is a decision I have nothing to say, it does not suit me. It is not my opinion, this is not my problem. I have nothing to say.”

Rafa Garcia and Leguera

steering wheel too He was consulted about the Peñarol title and said the Aurinegro team “was the best but not as superior as everyone says”. “I’ve always said Penarol wasn’t a great team as everyone said, but as I always say, whoever comes out the champ ends up being the best,” he said.


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