A half-naked woman gets out of the truck.  The driver is evicted on video

I came out half naked from the back of Amazon fan. The faded black dress and neckline are in plain sight. Strange delivery, immortalized by a smartphone, cost Amazon courier. The video quickly went viral and Jeff Bezos did it The truck driver shot.

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The special delivery It was done right inside the mail truck, but the video was uploaded to tik tok It has, in a few hours, amassed over 11 million views and an Amazon employee has been fired. In Florida was a courier Disqualified After a video clip captured the scene of a woman exiting the back door of her Amazon truck, it immediately went viral on social media.

Pictures belong to July 2019, but they were Posted on TikTok A week ago, passed 11.2 million views. In the video, a blonde young woman in a black dress sneaks in and stumbles through the door and goes on her way while on a call.

While Neither the driver nor the woman It has been specified, A company spokesman told Fox News that the driver lost his jobbecause his behavior does not reflecthigh standards We have our delivery partners and their drivers. Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles is one Violation of Amazon policy And the driver no longer delivers packages to customers.”

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