A farewell in the first episode of Who Out

Anyone who has seen Uwe in “Celebrity Big Brother” will definitely want to see Iris in “The Good Mood Club”. Why should someone leave in the first episode?

“Rules are rules, we must obey them!” Is a proverb from Mark Terence’s forest camp and reality TV applies to him whenever the question arises as to why certain things happen or are done. Yesterday the first episode of the new EndemolShine game show “Club der Gute Laune” ran on S.1, you can read its rules, candidates and dates elsewhere. Unfortunately, one of the participating celebrities is not in Episode 2. But viewers can expect a significant newcomer in the second episode.

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For these two, the first season of the Good Mood Club certainly ended in a happy note, as can be seen in the video:

Who had a terrible decision in the first week out

So when Jenny appeared on Elvers Island and seduced Mark Terence, the first episode had to do with Iris Abel (53) Leave the house. The girl became famous in “Bauer Sucht Frau” and more importantly because she found Uwe there, he also got married in 2013, with whom everything is super romantic. Anyone who has followed the last “Celebrity Big Brother” season should remember it because of Uwe’s participation because she was allowed to talk privately with her husband there. After the decision, she was only allowed to pack her suitcase at the “Club of Good Moods”, which is no longer there.

But the outcome was close, a strategic mistake that put Iris in a position to stand for election, and in the end it was the influential cult actor Martin Semmelrock or Joey Hendl who voted to decide in the final vote. Iris Abel to distribute Hoffcaf in Lower Saxony. Both wanted to be in any case, but Martin Semmelroge is definitely in favor of Joey now because thanks to him he can continue to play. That is why there was happy female power, however the power and entertainment value of the bread roll should not be diminished in any way.

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In fact, it can happen to anyone, and that includes games and “rules”, surprises, failed games, personal sympathies and failed strategies. In the next episode, the result will not be easy.

Episode 2 of “Club of Good Moods” is already in stream – great tragedy after the second outing

The game boils down to at least one competitor breaking up every week, and no one feels too safe. If you do not want to wait until next Wednesday to find out who will meet next week, you can use this Watch the second episode before the TV broadcast on Joyn Plus + now. The subscription costs 99 6.99 per month, but you can check it out once every 30 days for free and see all the content.

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