Angelica Valley.

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Angelica Valley Is that he can’t with his emotional soulIt often passes in a second from laughter to tears and from happiness to nostalgia.. Why? Because today she received the news that she was chosen by the strict committee to be her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Within hours of receiving the news until Under the influence of her husband, Otto Padron So that the surprise is even greater, We did an exclusive interview with Angelica, who confirmed that this star was first dreamed up by Wendy Nayeli, her beloved character in ‘Amigas y Rivales’ and that she is dedicated to Mexico.

-How did you get the news?
Angelica Valley: My husband told me that they would especially remember my mother, I was planning everything, He made me record a tour of the station we were on, saying my mom would have this special mention on ‘Hollywood Walk Of Fame’I’m already sitting, and And suddenly when I heard my name the first thing I did was cry and turned to tell my husband: “I hate you, I hate you.”, which clearly means “I love you”…I said “He gave you” because he didn’t tell me, because it was a surprise, because I started crying, I was gripped by emotion, and because I imagine it had something to do with this… I was crying and laughing, it was such an impressive day, I have the video, I will make it on my Youtube channelI’m really excited and so happy, I still can’t believe it.

– How did you feel at that moment when I heard your name?
Angelica Valley: I was so very emotional, they gave me so many feelings and I wanted to cry because One would think that when working in Spanish, people who speak English do not appreciate it, nor turn to see us…I know how hard it is to get a star, I know that many people in your file are going through this committee, and many presidents are thinking and deciding who will get the stars that year… When I heard my name, it gave me a lot of feelings because I said: “Someone sees my work, someone knows who I am”… I felt very grateful and happy.

What does this star mean to you?
Angelica Vale: It’s the cherry tree or cake floor throughout my career, which I never imagined would arrive, which is also a celebration of all the years I have worked here, How difficult is it to pursue a career in Spanish here in the United States. It’s a great appreciation, and Knowing that Americans know the effort you are making in Spanish is a very nice feelingIt is a very special appreciation.

If you close your eyes and open them and see yourself in front of your star, what do you think?
Angelica Valley: I’m going to a great memory… I remember Emilio La Rosa and Amigas y Rivales…I remember in 2000, 21 years ago, that I came to Los Angeles to record the beginning of a novel, Record Wendy Neely putting her hands on a star imagining she was her star, I remember perfect Having had the same dream as Wendy Neely saying, “One day, I’ll make it happen.”… and it makes me want to cry because I remember that moment so much, Wendy Neely got a star.

To whom is this star dedicated?
Angelica Valley: This star is dedicated To my grandmother because I love her, because obviously without her I wouldn’t be who I am today, and To Mexico, my country, because if I had a career in the United States like the one I have today, it’s thanks to Mexico.

Who do you want to be with you on the day of the party?
Angelica Valley: I want to be next to my mom, kids, husband, George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., but I don’t know if I’ll invite them, I don’t want to be overwhelmed (laughs).

If you could choose where your star would be, who would you want as a neighbour?
Angelica Valley: I’d love to be by my mom’s side, but I wouldn’t say no to Robert Downey Jr.

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