LA Park told how COVID-19 nearly ended his life

distance infected with COVID-19And the don’t park He slowly returns to the ring. However, the fight and the consequences of the virus have been very difficult, which He began to believe that his life was in danger, but at the same time he wanted to die so that he would not continue to suffer.

“It was so strong, I thought I was going to die. I hope I will never give you that tongue. I suffered for four days. I began declaring to God: ‘Take me now, I’m tired,'” he explained to the media, this after he was seen running on half gas and for some moments with marks Fatigue, which is a rarity for him.” I let my lungs clear so hard, and now I feel it. Although I wanted more, my lungs couldn’t,” Narrated after an event at Lopez Mateos Arena.

Grateful for starting shows, the wrestler appreciates that there are already more arenas starting to hold events, but criticizes the lack of promoters willing to do shows, and whoever does, pays them less because not all capacity is allowed. What is more, Nobody gave him support when he needed it mostOnly one did.

“I just started, the promoters are talking. Promoters don’t want to fight. We already have a date and work. No promoter came to tell me ‘LA Park, did you eat?’, there was only one”, The wrestler commented.

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