Portugal, there may have been an error in the texts of the objections.  Corruption does not matter to resigned Prime Minister Costa

This could be a huge mistake given that Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa resigned following the investigation on November 7th. According to some media outlets, including CNN Portugal, the phone interception that prompted Portuguese judicial authorities to open an investigation into the prime minister’s corruption suspicions does not actually refer to… […]

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This could be a grave mistake, given what the Portuguese Prime Minister did following the investigation Antonio Costa He resigned on November 7 last year. According to some media reports, including CNN Portugal, the interception of the phone prompted the Portuguese judicial authorities to open an investigation into suspicions of corruption by the Prime Minister. In fact, this will not refer to the Prime Minister, but to the Minister of Economic Development, Which has a very similar name: Antonio Costa Silva. The error would have appeared During interrogation on Saturday evening Nov. 11 for one of the suspects Diogo Lacerda MachadoAdvisor and personal friend of the Prime Minister.

In the intercepted phone call, Lacerda Machado made a promise to another of the entrepreneurs under investigation Be able to simplify some practices Speaking with the Minister of Finance, fernando medina, Or find a way to reach Economic Development Minister Antonio Costa. In fact, it is an almost homogeneous situation, because the latter called Antonio Costa Silva, which would have caused a sensation. Copy error in documents. According to what Lacerda Machado’s lawyer announced this morning, the same judge who questioned his client yesterday admitted the error. The lawyer also added that according to the documents it would be so The only reference to the Portuguese Prime Minister Throughout the investigation. When reporters asked him whether it was possible that it was an intentional mistake, the lawyer replied that he refused to conduct the trial due to the intentions of the prosecution.

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