“General Armageddon” Surovikin reappears with Russian defense in Algeria: removed after Wagner’s failed coup

the General Armageddon is back. Sergey SurovikinFormer Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Forces and one of the most important military commanders of the Russian invasionUkraineWho was relieved of his duties due to his association with the party Wagner GroupHe reappeared again, after months of absence, in an official role on September 12, during an official visit to Algeria. a trip The butcher of Aleppo It raised controversy and questions about its dimensions and repercussions, especially on… Arab and Algerian media.

“A high-ranking Russian delegation visited the Central Mosque (Oran, Mr. Dr), Pole Abdelhamid Ben Badis, and was received by the Director of Religious Affairs and the Imam. This is the comment that accompanies some pictures published by the Facebook page of the Ibn Badis Mosque in Oran, western Algeria, and then circulated by Algerian and Russian media, which depict General Surovikin. Next to him are Russian officers in military uniform and the imam of the mosque. Abu Abdullah Al-Zabbar. But according to what was reported by the French Agency France Press agencyThe visit and its purpose have not been officially announced He fliesWhile the Russian newspaper said Kommersant He confirmed on September 15, citing a source close to the general, that Sorovikin was indeed in Algeria as part of “a delegation from the Russian Ministry of Defense in what appears to be a return to performing his official duties.”

In fact, Surovikin was removed from his post a day before the plane crash that killed the head of the Wagner Group. Yevgeny Prigozhin. After the failure of Wagner’s rebellion, rumors spread about the alleged arrest of Surovikin, who then disappeared completely. Although he lost his role as head of the Russian Air Force, he retained his rank and appears to have been recycled into another role within the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to what Ukrainian media reported European presswhich directs the Center of Ukrainian National Resistance Russia He created one New private military company Which will likely be led by General Surovikin. Also according to the center, the Russian Ministry of Defense is currently sending representatives to it Belarus In African countries such as Algeria, Evils And Sudan To convince as many Wagner mercenaries as possible to sign contracts with the new Russian Special Military Committee. Here the role of Sorovikin becomes more clear. the General Armageddon In fact, it has the task of creating a new Special Military Committee on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Defense in open competition with the Belarusian dictator’s private group. Alexander Lukashenkothe Guard service. Other unconfirmed reports say that in September Surovikin was also appointed head of the CIS Air Defense Committee, which includes Russia and eight other former Soviet countries.

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But most Arab media outlets are surprised that Surovikin’s visit to the Oran Mosque took place a day before an official meeting between the American ambassador in Algiers. Elizabeth Moore AubinAnd the Algerian president Abdel Majeed TebbouneAt the request of the American diplomat. Then the Algerian media pointed out that a week ago, a statement by the Algerian Ministry of Defense stated that “the Chief of Staff of the Algerian Army, Shangriha saidHe received a phone call from the director of the CIA William Burns “During which matters of common interest were discussed.” According to the statement, “The two sides expressed their common desire to enhance cooperation and coordination between the two countries in the security field.” The discussions also provided an opportunity for both parties to express their satisfaction with the level of security coordination that has been achieved, especially in the field of anti-terrorism“.

The question to which the Algerian and Arab media cannot find an answer is Algeria’s ambiguous role in the Ukrainian issue. The Algerian President’s visit to Russia was last June and his subsequent visit there China It sparked great controversy in the Western media, some of which tried to classify Algeria in the Russian camp. But Algerian officials continue to emphasize in their statements that Algeria is “committed.” Neutrality Regarding the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, without this preventing it from establishing strong relations with Russia and the rest of its partners in the world who do not necessarily share the Western vision.

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